Saturday, 11 March 2017

Mechanical Man

Generally people can be seen bashing hard as and when they see,observe and find that somebody is behaving without emotions.People across the globe feel that unprecedented exposure to technology is making them more reactive and less proactive emotionally.It's disruptive and perhaps may prove traumatic later.   
We are biological robots full of emotions created by "Superpower".We are called human beings because we have emotions inside.Emotions are conscious know-how exemplified by brain.
We've developed mechanical robots which do not have emotions at all;Eminent scientists are trying hard to imbibe emotions into these robots,but unfortunately they've not succeeded yet.On the other side these mechanical robots have succeeded to take emotions out of human being.  
Now question arises why I am talking about this and what is the role of emotions in inspiration,before going deep into it,let me tell you about emotions."Emotions are cognizant experiences exemplified by powerful mental action and they are complex in nature.Emotions are expression of nervous system and our nervous system exude good emotions when it is not hacked by external situations and gadgets.
As emotions are complex in nature and result in physical and psychological changes and this sways our behavior.That means emotions are linked with our behavior propensity. Good emotions lead to better behavior,which ultimately raise our confidence and inspirational level.Till the time we build our relations on the basis of emotions;we feel strength of our relations.   
But with the advent of machines and robots,our emotions have reached at the level of extinction,or almost extinct.Perhaps most of us do not feel strong bonds of emotions between our relations and the one very prominent reason for this is adoption of machines in our life.No doubt machines are helping us up-to great extent but the cost of hiring machines in our life is "Emotions".There is a need to maintain balance between machines and emotions otherwise one day we'll be dominated by artificial intelligence and will be biological robots lacking emotions.
To preserve our emotions we have to deal carefully with artificial intelligence. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Blow The Whistle

Universe is working on new ventures every day, every moment and it knows that it has to create a plan and execute. So, it does not look, gather and analyze past, Universe does not make predictions about how much it’ll be able to generate, Right? That process works for conventional or ongoing life driven planning lines, but new technology, which is less predictable, require a different set of planning and control tools. That’s where the void between Universe and life driven planning process comes in. That makes the Life a complex process.
I have designed and developed this classic methodology to abbreviate the gap between universe and technology for making life a simple process. Life is an automatic process and advance version of technology, but we are trying to put add-ons of low version’s technology to this, which causes complexity in life. The goal of early man was to help each other, respect, and accept those new processes and approaches implemented by universe. “One of the better suited high-potential processes was, to live life with gratitude and love, whose determination was to live and let live.” Life-driven planning process,  since then, has become a staple on Earth.’
Classic Methodology is “Life exists in simplicity and comfort exists in complexity.
What Is Life Driven-Planning?
It’s a technique that any person can use for planning the type of life he wants to live. Opportunities advance with life. “Conventional planning operates on the principle that a man can extrapolate future results from a well-understood and predictable planning and learning from past experience.” But new moments are unpredictable from the beginning. The assumptions you make at the onset of new moments aren’t likely to hold up your expectations.
Life-driven planning offers a way to plan your life forward in the face of “what is mysterious, undecided, and not yet palpable in the horizon of complexities” so that we can “learn as much as possible” while living our life.
Ultimately, Life-driven planning is a set of steps.
Step 1. Define Life. Before planning your life decide what kind of life you want in concrete terms. Instead of estimating what life is giving you, plan what you can contribute to life.The key here, have a “clear mindset” for the life. ” Because you’re living your life, you’re not trying it and this mindset will make your life worthwhile for you. Life can’t be measured in financial terms.
Step 2: Be Realistic. The next step is to “figure out how realistic you are towards your life.” This will help you quickly judge the type of life you are living whether you’re being realistic or just living in imaginative world.
Step 3: Define Your Limits. Next, “you have to think very critically about what has to be true” to realize the life you want to live. Lay out all the plans required to have quality of life. How much time do you need to plan your life? How many efforts are you putting in to make your life the way you want to make it? Once you’ve determined these aspects, you will be able to craft your life in your way.
 Step 4: Avoid assumptions. This act creates an essential difference between conventional and Life-driven planning; it’s also “where a lot of people go wrong,” With new ideas, people often don’t see that they are basing decisions on big assumptions — it’s a huge learning for most of us. To avoid falling into this trap, get on to real life-driven planning and list and clear all of the assumptions which may trap you.
“Life is to live for, let us whistle through it.”-Rajesh Walecha

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Every morning before we start our day,we plan it and think that we'll be able to utilize our day up to the maximum.There is no doubt that this is the one of the best trick to manage time.But we should ask our self,Do we really manage our day or time? or there is some other force acting on our time or day.
Actually everyday we plan to make things happen in our way.If things happen in our way we feel happy and if things do not happen in our way then we feel bad about it.
Okay !What if things do not happen in our way,we feel bad,sad and sometime we behave as mad.But if things are not happening our way then understand we are walking on GOD'S WAY.God has some beautiful plan for us.
Never Criticize GOD'S WAY because it always has beautiful,peaceful and blissful results.
There is a difference between our way and GOD'S WAY.In our way we want instant result irrespective of the consequences.Whereas In God's Way result will always be good and so the consequences.
"Desires are our way and Peace is God's Way." - Rajesh Walecha
We all should live in the radiance of our God's Glory. 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Never Forget

Every thing is fading away starting from drop of water to solid every day,every moment.We the human beings are trying to stop this inevitable and unbeatable flow which causes stress and other hormonal imbalance in  church of soul which is known as body.
To live healthily,happily and blissfully we should live with the flow of life.Whatever is happening around us let it happen,do not try to control it,Because we can not compete with the power of universe.
If we want to change something in this universe ,we can change our inner self.The entire universe exists within us.If we will try to find something out of us,we will be lost,because there exist only infinity.
We are not the universe,we are the part of universe.We have no contribution in any of the universal processes like days,nights are happening on their own.Rivers are flowing naturally,seas are producing tides on their own.When all these giant forces are controlled by universe then how we can count our-self as an autonomous specie.
Then what for we are here in this Universe.
 Sun is for shining.
Clouds are for raining.
Earth is for feeding all living creatures.
We are here to live happily irrespective of the situations.
Majority of people feel afraid of tough situations and try to run away from them.Tough situations are good teachers appointed by universe for us.Never run away from tough situations otherwise you will be the owner of flawed empire.
Imagine happiness even in tough situations  and receive it always.We can always find better than what we imagine.Think,imagine and conceive happiness surely it will take birth in your life.
As everything is fading away with the passage of time,everything means everything starting from living to non living things,but that does not mean that complexities are not erupting.There is no doubt that complexities are also fading away with the power of time but their birth is also a continuous process.
Never Forget complexities and happiness are twin aspects of life.Live with them with love.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Fascination and Fear

Fascination is a dynamic system.Mental disposition will attract similar things, what we imagine.Just close your eyes and think whatever has happened in your life it was all your imaginations.Nothing has happened beyond your imaginations.
No theory tells us how to live practically.In the case of living of our life we just adopt the theory of chance.Theory of chance means 50 percent probability of good things and 50 percent of bad things.
Happening of Mad and sad things can be controlled.We can control the way of living  of our life.I am sure you are surprised.I am revealing the secret to you.Keep it with you only.We can do this with the help of fascination.
Whatever we fascinate universe brings it to us.Now some of you may think that if it is so ,then why sad things happen in life.Here is a big loop-hole in this.Whenever we mix our fascination with fear that produce sad and sometimes complex things.
If we practice pure fascination than universe will bring us good or mad things and if we practice fear the universe will bring us bad things.If we practice mix of fascination and fear than universe will bring us complex things.
How to practice fascination?
  • Try to fascinate each and every thing,situation and creation of universe around you.
  • Fascinate things opposite to your imaginations more,because new things comes up in existence with the combination of opposite.
  • Never show desperation for any thing.
  • Do not mix fear in your fascination rather fascinate the power of fear.
"Fascination and fear are two poles of your personality,use them and attract the life of your choice."-Rajesh Walecha

Saturday, 31 December 2016


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Strange but true.Usually we take the word "EXIT" unenthusiastic-ally but it can act as a game changer,if used correctly.As I've already shared in my blog that words are invincible and they come back with the exponential powers.Hence be careful while using words.
Life tests our potential almost everyday by presenting various situations to us.If we avoid the situation we lack experience and so the EXIT,but if we enter the situation we experience it before EXIT.
One lesson from life is very clear every act has a cost.Hence think before you act,because once act becomes action then it definitely gives reactions.
Exit is not only a word which tells you the door for going out rather it gives you experience along with it.
We all are about to EXIT 2016,but we are not doing sheer exit rather we are having  different experiences of 2016 along with us.
2017 is ready to embrace us and we too are going to embrace it.We are going to enter and experience 2017 before exit.
What I am going to do in 2017 before exit is
  • Sturdy Determination
  • Big Success
  • Changing myself into different me.
Of-course these three gears will give me different experiences in 2017 before exit.
Hence I 'll suggest amass your gears before entering 2017 and have wonderful experiences before you exit 2017.
Have a wonderful entry and prosperous experiences in 2017.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Good Times

What do you do to earn Good Times?
Time is the most powerful entity in this universe.Time gives us every thing of our desire but only If we respect it.
Everything can be achieved in this universe starting from tangible to intangible.To achieve everything of our desire is possible only when we do not stop,do not wait and adopt the principle of "Keep Going"
Utilization of time is directly proportional to achievements.We all know this,in spite of that our success rate is not same.Why  it is  so? Which force stops us not to utilize time.
You'll be surprised to know this there are two hidden entities within us who are responsible for wastage of time.These two entities are our "HEART & BRAIN".Yes! You've read it correctly these are "HEART & BRAIN".
Heart is a speculator whereas brain is profit seeker.
Heart wants execution of every work should happen automatically.
Brain wants every execution should have profit component in it.
Brain wants us to execute whatever we want to but it should have profit component in it,whereas Heart wants things should happen without physical efforts.when coordination between heart and brain reduces the time wastage starts and this void causes lack of achievements.
How to turn every moment in a productive moment?
Good Times,everyone wants but situations and some time our heart and brain do not allow to earn it.Because heart wants comfort and Brain wants profit.
Every moment is precious irrespective of your mood,tell yourself that this moment will not come back,hence adorn it with dedication.
Whenever you want to turn moment in a productive moment show profit to your brain and comfort to your heart,by this you'll be able to make every moment productive and good.
I'm sure after reading this you'll always earn "GOOD TIMES."
Have "GOOD TIMES" always.