Heaven is everyone desire.Heaven is often illustrated as higher place where God and Angles resides.There is a belief that heavenly beings can descend to earth or incarnate and earthly beings can ascend to heaven in an exceptional cases.Heaven is a physical place far above the earth in a space.Only those earthly beings can ascend there whose heart is full of truth and true love. Closeness to God is known as Heaven.Only pure being can ascend to heaven. In hallucination,we assume heaven is a place where beautiful vegetation,butterflies and miraculous things exist. I've never seen heaven, but what i strongly believe that we altogether can make this earth as Heaven if we've true heart and true love for each other.  Most of us keep on searching good things in the outer world which makes our objective of life very complex and leads us to confusion.Whereas the big secret is ; good and miraculous things do not exist in the outer world,they exist within us.We have parallel universe wit…

Stop Chasing,Start Attracting

I am not your kitty,you can not get me.If you can get me then you can not hold me,preserve me and if you can do so then you can not feel balanced at all.That is my open challenge to you.Let me assure you if you try chase me then I'll make you old at the earliest and will welcome you in the club of diseases. I am sure you are yelling on me for "Where is the inspiration in it?"You are annoyed at me and I am very much sure about it. Imagine when only thought of this type can make you annoyed what about the reality when you will chase that thing which can make you old and diseased.I ask you would you like to chase that thing which is mother of age and disease? I am sure no. Recall your childhood,wasn't it free from all the stuff like worry,stress and chasing etc.If so weren't you happy at that point of time.You were worry-less,stress-less and of course happy.You'd be thinking what that thing is which can make you old and diseased at a fast rate. Let me tell you …

Social Pressure

Are you living your life without any pressure?Ask yourself right now.May be you are feeling bit surprised. This is a fact almost every one of us is living with a big monster to be called as "SOCIAL PRESSURE". I am sure you'd be surprised while relating it with inspiration.Let me tell you this monster plays a big role in our inspirational levels. Before taking a roller Coaster ride on this thought let me explain it to you, What is social pressure? "Social pressure is direct pressure from the society,peers and it encourages us to follow the society and our peers in their way to earn majority and wow ." Most of us forget our real objective of life and start impressing the society and peers by following their way like; if someone has girl friend or boy friend why don't I do have,if someone use to have drinks in the party then why don't I do,If someone has luxury car,apartment and dress then why don't I do have. This way we silently become a slave to th…


"If you are happy then you'll see whole world is happy and your happiness depends on your deeds.We create our world through our deeds.Good deeds give good results and bad deeds give bad result. We not only create our present life through our deeds rather we create the next life through our present deeds.
Have you ever worked on your deeds to understand your life graph.Our deeds drive our life but usually we ponder upon them after execution.This makes our life complex.
Draw your deeds' map and live your life happily.

Here comes the life!!

Franco was a young chap, son of a rich businessman used to enjoy with his friends all the time like going to parties and boozing around every time. He had his own group of friends, those who have almost the same life style as of Franco. He was a chap who always swollen with pride that he is a son of big businessman. He was enormously extravagant, he always use to tell his friend enjoy your life up to extreme because every day is LDOL (last day of life).In view of which, he wants to enjoy everything in his life which is available around him on this Earth and communicate the same to his friends live every moment of your life, because you don’t know it may be LDOL (last day of your life).

His father Joe being a big business man never gets time to pay attention towards his son Franco;he always tries to give every comfort and luxury to his son and believes this is the best way to show his love and affection for his son. Joe has defined one rule for his family that they will dine together …